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Straight Talk
August 8, 2017

When I scroll through my timeline and read various threads of conversation online sometimes I wonder if there is a large, angry black cloud hovering over the entire population. Why? Because people are so angry….

Straight Talk
July 25, 2017

A must read if you have a young lady in your life… As I watch the story continuing to unfold of R. Kelly still allegedly abusing young girls I hear a mixture of comments. A…

Straight Talk
July 11, 2017

I still remember vividly the day after Princess Diana died and how I found out twenty years ago. I had just begun my freshman year of high school and was primping in the bathroom mirror…

Straight Talk
June 13, 2017

Every year it never fails. Father’s day comes around and I get a few texts or Facebook tags from well-meaning friends who want to wish me a Happy Father’s Day. The first time it happened…

Straight Talk
May 30, 2017

This past weekend I read a blog post that deeply saddened and upset me as a mother raising a son and a woman about to marry a wonderful man. It suggested that men are trash…

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