The summer seemed to FLY by! I cannot believe I am now in the back-to-school scramble! Just a little over one week to go before we are back to our early morning routine. EEK! And, some of you have already started.

I did not get my daughter’s school supply list until last week, so I honestly was not paying as close attention to recent deals as I should have. Now my mind is spiraling with trying to determine the best price points for everything–from glue sticks to the oh-so hard to find specialty composition books. Yet, as a teacher, I really know the importance of making sure students are prepared on day one and therefore the scramble I am in!

I feel like I have a good handle on price points for clothing…because of course I am always online looking at deals. In case you are curious–$5 for dresses, $2-$3 for tops and bottoms and $25 for shoes–are my goals for new and quality brands. (I can break down those deals in another post.) So shopping for back to school clothes was a breeze and naturally fun! But, these school supplies on the other hand…not so much.

Back to school supplies…where did I start???!…Amazon of course (because I love them!). So far I have found some amazing deals on bulk items–like glue sticks (30 for $7.88?!). To me, that seems like an awesome price–not that we would ever need 30 glue sticks. However, at that price, I can do a classroom donation or find an organization that provides school supplies. And, using Subscribe & Save (with Amazon Family) is a life saver for wipes, tissues, and snacks! 

But, I still need the help from the TMW family…what are good deals? Where do you shop to find the best options? Is it best to wait for tax-free weekends? Please share to help me and all our mamas with the back-to-school journey!