People often ask me how I do it. My answer is simple – I HAVE NO CLUE. So I actually sat down the other day to think about the ways I manage such a hectic lifestyle.
Here is a little background: I’m 36, a mom of 2.5 children (baby #LAST is due in late January), I work full time as a researcher at a pretty large University, I’m the wife of a full-time percussionist who I also perform with on occasion, I’ve been touring the country this year talking about cloth diapering and hosting the Loss Mama Sanctuary and I occasionally sit down and breathe.
I’m always asked how I manage it all. First, I get a lot of support. The MOMs as we call them (mine and my husbands) are amazing with the children, they often keep them for days at a time. Luckily – they are both retired now – so they have ample time for their grandchildren. They make them a priority. We live close to both of them – they live 5 mins from each other and often arrange drop-offs and pick-ups between them to help us out. My husband works a lot of evenings and weekends – he loves spending time with the children during the day when he can and when they aren’t at “school.” Our daycare is Montessori – so it’s more like a school. We trust them with our children 2 days a week, they cloth diaper and feed organic foods, classroom size is small and our babies learn through play – it’s perfect. I just like to do a lot – I like to keep busy. I’ve experienced a lot of loss the last 5 years – and keeping busy helps me focus on all the amazing things I can do with my life and not just my losses.
I have a few hobbies too. I’ve found that having a few hobbies that I can do at home are also really good for my nerves. I color, plan/scrapbook and wash cloth diapers. Yes, I added washing cloth diapers. I learned early on that I got so much fulfillment out of washing cloth. I like to do it on Sunday mornings while everyone else is sleep. It’s so fulfilling to have a rack of clean diapers drying and/or folded ready to go. I feel such a sense of accomplishment going into a new week with clean diapers. I also LOVE to admire all of the cute prints and colors. It’s not often that I actually get to fully complete a task and relish in it being done before a little person rips it to shreds and throws it around my already messy house. But…that’s another blog post. 😉