We can never talk too much about car seat safety. Even earlier this year, Nurse Nikki shared the Do’s, Don’ts and Probably-Nots when it comes to making sure our babies are safe in cars. But, before we even get into proper use of the car seat, we have to ask ourselves where to even start with shopping for one (or two!) car seats. With all of the thousands of car seat options on the market today, I find the shopping process to be overwhelming. Just under a year ago, I had to purchase a new convertible seat and I spent countless hours digging through reviews to determine the best option!

For those that cringe at the thought of car seat shopping, we have something that will make it all more bearable.

Recently, Lauren from Reviews.com reached out to us to share their comprehensive guides on car seats. She says, “While all car seats are designed to be safe, some are definitely easier and more convenient to use than others. We worked with over 100 parents to identify the most sought after features while also consulting with child passenger safety technicians and pediatricians. We then compared the functionality and features of an infant car seat vs. a convertible car seat. Both serve unique purposes, and ultimately, we created a guide for each to provide parents with all the info they need to make a choice right for their family.”

You can read more here:

Infant car seat: https://www.reviews.com/infant-car-seat/

Convertible car seat: https://www.reviews.com/convertible-car-seat/

I know I appreciate these little time saving nuggets–hopefully you will too! Check out the guides! Then, be sure to spread the word!