I am back this week to share the remaining contents of my cosmetic bag…well, mostly the remaining. Besides the quick-fix for the face, I like to make sure I have a few things for the nails, hair and body too.

Here are a few of my favorite items and quick go to products at the moment, plus some extras.

About those fingernails. As much as I love polished nails and nail polish itself (another collection addiction!), I am just not a weekly, semi-weekly or even yearly manicure type of girl. It just doesn’t fit into my lifestyle at the moment, but I still think it is important to keep the nails clean and presentable–you just never know whose hand you might shake! To help keep it together, I have a mini nail file and nail clippers–both small and easy to carry. As you can probably attest, it never fails that there is often a random broken nail or annoying snag after a day filled running around with the little ones. Along with the clippers and file, I love the brushable cuticle oil. This avoplex cuticle oil to go pen by OPI is a favorite and lasts a long time. It does quite a bit more than the typical hand lotion–at least for me–and it is quite convenient to carry.

Then, there is the hair–which now takes up less space in my cosmetic bag since I starting  loc’ing my hair 6 months ago. However, I shall never be without bobby pins, hair pins and hair ties. I think these are the essentials that belong in every bag and room of the house! Even with loc’d hair I am quick to reach for something to do a pull-up or pin-up when the hair gets in the way or needs to be freshened up.

And, lastly, for the rest of the body. I have gone through periods of my life where I needed the head to toe back-up products. Over the years, I have simplified things and make sure that I at least have some of these basic body products. Hand lotion–I blogged about that here weeks ago–it’s a must and goes right along with the fingernails. I did not mention face lotion the other week, but Aveeno is my go to (and, I restock on samples from the pediatrician as often I can). Perfume–small and free, perfume samples are the way to go! Be sure to grab samples of your full-size fragrance the next time you shop–or, venture out to try something new. It never hurts to ask for a sample or two. Stores can even make samples for you if they don’t have the prepackaged version ready to go. Other ways to keep things fresh–(I always keep, because life happens!) panty liners, sanitary napkins, wipes and poopourri (this was a gift and oh so smart!).

What else do you have in your cosmetic bag?