Dads Corner:  Parenting from the Dads perspective
There have been times when people have asked my wife, “Is Brandon watching the kids tonight?  I think that is the silliest thing. There is a partnership in parenting. There is no asking whether one or the other can “watch” the kids. That is just ridiculous.
So here’s the thing, dads may not parent the same way as moms. For instance, I don’t believe in labels, but my wife does. I allow my children to have pizza for breakfast and cereal for dinner. If that shocks you, it shouldn’t. I believe that it is more important for a child to eat than to worry if the type of food they want matches the time of day. One of my daughters loves eating broccoli for breakfast and I am not going to stop her from eating it! Although my wife and I have different parenting styles, that does not mean that either of us is doing it wrong.
So fellas, the next time someone asks you if you are babysitting your kids, be bold and sarcastically say, “No, they pay don’t good enough!” Being a dad is a tough job because it seems that you may never get it right, but just hang in there because goodnight kisses and hugs help remind us that we are good enough.
Has anyone ever asked you about babysitting your child? Do you think you are the babysitter of your child? If so, comment below so we can talk about it.
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