Every day is a new day. A new beginning. An opportunity. A chance to do any and everything. I just can’t do it all. As a homeschooling mom schedules are critical. You must set priorities, keep a calendar, and think two steps ahead to get through the day. I struggle every day with just getting through without feeling like I have somehow failed at being a wife, mom, teacher, or friend. Here is my list of a few things I know and a few things to do.

Things to do:

  1. Being present is crucial. Being involved in what is happening at the moment is something most of us aren’t great at. We must multi task as busy moms, and there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Technology and the ability to have everything at your fingertips certainly doesn’t help either. Taking the time to connect with the people in front of you is essential to your relationships with your spouse, children, and friends. Do you stop and smell the roses?
  2. Nurture your spirit…DAILY. This will look different for everyone. I can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing here, but your spirit is what drives and motivates you towards everything you do in life. Don’t you think it needs a little attention if it’s what might be keeping you going?
  3. Do something meaningful for someone else. When you find yourself struggling with something in life, brightening someone else day can also brighten yours. It doesn’t take much, and it doesn’t have to be meeting someone else’s needs. Just thinking about others and reaching out goes a long way. Have you ever thought about the impact random acts of kindness have?
  4. Celebrate the wins. This is a game changer. There is plenty in a day to disappoint and stress over. Every day you get a win. No really, you do. Even when you feel like all you have done is fail, you accomplished something. Celebrate that something. Isn’t surviving even the worst day ever something to celebrate?
  5. Be thankful for the good things and what you already have. We spend a lot of our time working towards something. Whether we are trying to help our family be the best they can be, or trying to make a better life for ourselves and future generations, it always seems to be about the next level. Stop and be thankful for what you have right now. It doesn’t mean you don’t keep working, but we need to learn to be a little more grateful for what we already have. There is good in every day, so dig and figure out what you are thankful for today.
  6. Taking time to do something you don’t “need” to get done is an ever available life line. I heard you say, “Really? Have you seen my to do list?” Nope. Don’t need to. When you stop looking at the list and read a book, take a bath, walk to the park, get a snowball (or snow cone if you’re not as fortunate as those of us in NOLA), you will physically feel better and more capable of conquering that ever growing to do list. It won’t disappoint and doesn’t have to take the whole day. Just press pause. The to do list will still be there when you return. Your family will thank you. You might even smile. 

Things I know:

  1. I will not get everything done today that I want done. Goals are critical in seeing things through. Living life is about more than just plans. It’s also living in the moment and making adjustments to those plans. There is always an end to the day. Things get missed, messed up, or you just run out of time. Accept it now. Don’t you think it’s easier to survive the end of the day knowing you lived your life rather than having stressed through tasks?
  2. I will mess something up, and its ok. Yep. The best intentions can sometimes bring the biggest disappointments. We try so hard to get things right, and sometimes we fall hard. I have been told if it’s funny later, it’s funny now. Knowing you’re not perfect brings freedom. We do learn from our mistakes, too. Experiment on your kids. Try to get them to laugh and embrace their mistakes, and then teach them the lesson they should learn from the said mistake. Maybe you will be more open to doing the same.
  3. My family will survive. We have all thought that we are screwing up our families. Doubly so if you have more than one kid. And yet, they will grow up, mature, and step out in the real world more equipped than you thought. Life is about love. Your heart always wants what’s best for your family, so despite your mess ups, they will survive because you are present and you love them. They will not only survive, one day they will be able to tell you just how important you were and are to them; how you were always there. For now, they just need you in all your imperfections to know it’s ok. Have you ever thought about how you learned through your parent’s imperfections?

Through the next few weeks, we will dig deeper into each topic. I’ll share my stories and hopefully you will share yours too. After all, isn’t this about relating, connecting, and knowing that you are never alone in this thing called life?