Maybe it is just me, but I cannot seem to get away from laundry. There are just never-ending piles of clean and dirty things strewn about all of the time. Even with 5 baskets in rotation, there is always a massive backup of clothes that don’t make it into a basket or out of one to be put away. 

Confession: we are a one and done household. Well, as it pertains to me and the kids. I don’t believe in wearing school/work clothes more than once without washing. Yup, I throw everything in the washing machine. Gasp! Please don’t judge me. My name is Courtney and I’m a germaphobe. So, I may have created this problem myself. 

At one point I calculated my average and I was washing one load a day. And, it’s been that way going on 5 years!! Some weeks, I let the laundry win and then I have to do a laundry marathon and end up doing upwards of 10 loads at once. Other weeks, I fall into a daily trap of a load a night. Geez. There’s no winning. I even promised myself at the beginning of this year that I would not do laundry everyday; that it’s okay to ignore it for a few days. But, then I would dread the pileup and be too overwhelmed with getting it done. 

Is there a way to find balance?! With an irregular bedwetter and one being toilet trained, I can’t fathom ignoring the smell, the stains, and the…smells and stains. In the words of my daughter, “that’s so disgusting.” Yes, yes it is. But it’s the laundry life.

Nonetheless, this is one area of my life where deal shopping is crucial. I’m a brand snob when it comes to laundry and a load a day is far from cheap. So, my best approach is stockpiling. Usually around the holidays, there are tons of deals on laundry products. Knowing my average use, I stock up on the laundry essentials for the year–detergent (I use Tide Pods Free and Clear), Tide Odor Rescue with Febreze odor eliminator (works wonders for pee smells), Lysol Laundry Sanitizer (amazing for the outdoor grime and soiled undies), and Tide stain remover spray (which I cannot find anywhere anymore, so I guess they’ve stopped making it and I’ll be trying a new brand soon…since my years old stockpile of bottles is almost gone). My deal steal price is $0.15 or less per load for detergent. I’m sure I can probably spend less with other products, but I’m a stickler for what I know gets the job done. Throughout the year I am intentional about stalking Amazon or Target subscription deals (since actual couponing and in-store shopping is very limited these days).

What are your laundry solutions?? Products, tricks and or tips?? We would love to hear!