Sooooo, months ago I shared the deep dark secrets of the inside of my bag(s)–the good, the bad and the ugly of my (ahem) organization system…

I was pretty sure that I was back to a good place with keeping it all together. But, a few weeks ago, I came to realize that my keeping up was really just me switching bags. Like every week. Low and behold, my bag swaps left me with several bags of mess. How did I manage to just dump and ignore this all summer?!!

Anyway, now I am on a new mission to get things back under control…I am on a hunt for a practical purse organizer–(read: cute, functional and reasonably priced). Mamas, any suggestions??

While this hunt is taking place, I’ll just have to let the goodness of my bags’ black holes marinate a little longer–I mean, really, no rush on cleaning out the wrappers, mysterious tissues, and endless receipts, right??

In the meantime, I am focusing on organizing what I know I can handle–my work desk. At the end of each school year, I clear off my desktop (for ease of room cleaning, etc) and I get to start the year with a fresh new setup. This year, I knew I wanted to invest in a matching desk set. Of course I found this great option on Amazon–a desk set by Papercode–and, the price was even better than I anticipated. For under $20, I was able to spruce up my desk and set up a system that was perfect my for constant flow of papers and tasks. And, there is a bonus set of pastel colored binder clips–too cute! Be sure to also check out the special offers for this set–I bought some much needed magnetic board clips and got an additional 10% off both items.

There is something definitely rewarding about having a clean workspace–or really, any clean and organized area–even if for only a few moments at a time. I declutter my desk at the end of each day in order to start the next day fresh and with a clear mind. 

And, hopefully soon, I want to gain that same reward with my bags (again).

How do you stay organized on at home, at work or on the go? Please share your tips and/or favorite products!