When you accept his hand in marriage, you are saying yes to submitting to his mission, yes to being a mother (if that’s your desire), and yes to all the responsibilities that come with being a wife. I have learned through the years, especially when you become a mother, that it’s easy to become complacent. I loved motherhood, but I begin to notice that my personal walk with Christ was slacking, and I was going through the same routine daily, but becoming frustrated by the hour. BUT WHY…

Com·pla·cent is defined as “marked by self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies.”


I knew God had given me a purpose, but because I wasn’t spending time with Him, all my efforts became frustrated. It wasn’t until I first recognized the problem, and two change my thinking, I begin to see different results. I have found that women struggle with complacency because they are constantly struggling with the pride of self. As women, we want to be self-sufficient and take every opportunity to gloat in our abilities and our comforts, but find that we lose sight of the source of our protection.

As I begin to tap into my help, he begins to show me how to become a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. There was fear of being rejected, but I stood on his word. I never thought of being an author, but when God showed me the revelation of being a submissive wife, it was my husband who told me to write a book. I was shown my purpose within my husband’s mission.

How do I overcome complacency?

 1. Get an accountability partner.

            Find another woman, who is like-minded, and has your best interest at heart to keep you accountable. This person will not allow you to sit on your ideas but help you make it a reality.

2. Be Y.O.U. (Your Own Uniqueness)

            There is only one YOU. Embrace your own uniqueness. Stop allowing social media to shape your personality, or comparing your life to theirs. How you function as a mother, wife, and businesswoman are unique. Be the best you.

3. Look Inside for Exceptional

The way you view your LIFE will determine where you go. If you allow complacency and fear to hold you back, you will never find exceptional. You have to dig deep to find it.

 We, as women, cannot become complacent, people are waiting for us, all we have to do is lift up your eyes, and embrace our gifts.