As I was driving to pick up #2, just after picking up #1, I had this constant thought that parenting is really stressful. When I got to #1’s school, I was immediately told that she didn’t eat her lunch. And, I cannot help but blurt out, “she never eats!” Seriously, she’ll survive. She even woke up the other day crying about a stomachache because she refused to eat her dinner. But, her not eating is not at the top of my priority list. I proceeded to update the office that she will be out of school for at least one day next week to have tubes put in her ears and her adenoids removed. That is at the top of my list. That, and potty training #2. (All day I was anxious about how #2 survived–after our 3-day all in approach to potty training–because his provider insists on not using pull-ups. So, I packed a week’s worth of clothes to drag along this morning–rushing out the door as soon as #2 peed, just in time for a drop off and to make it to work on time.) Yet, as I walk down the hall to pick up #1, I see that she has a huge bag hanging from her cubby. She had an accident. Another accident. Now my head is spinning because I am wondering why that isn’t the first thing someone shares with me??! Not that I don’t care that she doesn’t eat…but, I do care that she is having accidents at nap. I proceed to ask the usual questions and no one seems to care. Well, fine then. I’ll just stuff this into my pocket of parenting stress that I carry in my head.

Now we are back to where this started. This parenting thing. No, this stressful parenting thing.  I make my way to pick up #2–already in a mood about how much potential laundry I would be doing that night. But, then I remembered a post I read the other day about how urgent the need is to send underwear to families in Houston and surrounding areas. Underwear. A ridiculously small, but desperately needed item–that, of course, has to be brand new–yet, one we probably take for granted.

Yes, parenting is stressful, but I can only imagine the stress of the parents that lost everything and cannot give their children basic needs–like underwear and diapers. I have two of my own that both have accidents and yes, I have to do lots of laundry. But, I remind myself that I must be grateful for the opportunity just to do the laundry because I am able to provide for my children.

I had already planned to share some ways to send to those in need–particularly some easy and cost efficient ways to send new items. After the start of this week, I cannot help but more urgently share the need. We all have our own stresses and maybe not a lot to give. But, just take a few moments to consider some of these options and ways to help those that have lost everything.

Here are a couple of organizations that have Amazon Wish Lists–allowing you to shop directly from what is listed and ship directly to their location.  

Undies for Everyone: Amazon Wish List

1700 Bissonnet St.

Houston, TX 77005


Texas Diaper Bank Disaster Relief: Amazon Wish List

5415 Bandera Road, Suite 504

San Antonio, Texas 78238


For those looking for a starting place, Amazon has some really good deals on bulk items…a few things I spotted–girls underwear–here and here, toothbrushes, and diapers.

We know that need stretches far and wide. But, remember, a little goes a long way. Parenting IS stressful, but LIFE keeps things in perspective. We all need the reminder at times and it definitely feels good to do something for others. 

What are some ways you have donated or plan to donate–time? Resources? Please share! If you know of organizations that are collecting donations or have Amazon Wish Lists, comment below with that information as well.