As a mom and wife, I think that it’s easy to believe that I’m superhuman sometimes.  I find myself giving advice to others daily, but I don’t always listen to my own words.  As much of an advocate as I am for self-care, I rarely make it part of my own routine.  I had to bring everything I was doing to a complete halt and really sit back and breathe for once.  My mind spins a mile a minute full of ideas, to-do lists, and randomness.   I like to have my hands in absolutely everything that I do to ensure its “perfection” although nothing really reaches that height. Sometimes I can get so overwhelmed to a point where God himself will sit me down whether I like it or not.  This past week, I got that very boot.


I create these unattainable to-do lists for housework that just never seem to end.  When I tell you, I could cry just looking at the amount of very clean clothes piled on my couch.  This mama may need some wine just for the laundry alone.  Don’t get me started on how the living room suddenly becomes a free for all playroom once it completely spots free. Life can be overwhelming at times even when I think I’ve got it all under control.  My lesson learned this week was that I need to be intentional about taking a break and taking my time.  Eventually, one of the many balls that I balance will fall if I don’t get them in order. Here are a few things I’ve re-learned.


  1. Naps aren’t just for cranky toddlers:


Fifteen minutes can feel like an hour if you take a nap.  Make some time and take a quick cat nap, whether it’s leaned back in the driver’s seat on lunch, or while the kids are sleeping.  It’ll give you the extra boost you need to continue to push through the remainder of your day.  If you’re not implementing naps in your daily routine, you’re missing out mama.


  1. Add eating to your to-do list:


It’s easy to forget to feed yourself while making sure that little bellies are being fed.  Meal prep ahead of time for a quick meal on the go without resulting in fast food.  Pack a few snacks in your purse, car, diaper bag, or even your pockets.  If you have to, set an alarm to remind yourself of when to eat.  Falling out in the middle of Target because you forgot to eat breakfast isn’t cute.  Fuel up!


  1. Everything may not get done today:


Don’t overwork yourself.  Understand that your list of daily goals may not be met right away.  Do as much as you can without breaking your neck to do so. I promise you every unfinished job will be waiting for you tomorrow.   I had to start creating office hours for myself while working at home.  I would find myself staying up until the middle of the night and hardly sleeping to get things accomplished.

  1. Treat yourself:


Take the time out to do something for yourself that makes you happy.  It doesn’t have to cost much at all.  Spending time with a great book and a cup of coffee or tea in a quiet space is my ideal me time along with bubble baths.  One of these days I’ll be able to take a bubble bath again…alone…without children peaking in the doorway or screaming my name.   Whatever it is that makes you happy and relieves stress, do it!

Make sure that you’re taking the proper precautions to ensure that your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health is in order. Take a walk, talk to a friend, devote time with God, express yourself in a journal. As this year closes, let’s be intentional about implementing self-care for the benefit of not only ourselves but also the ones we love.  Being a mom is not an easy job, but someone has to do it.