We have finally fallen into a consistent pattern of warmth (mixed with some extreme heat) on the east coast. So, I figured now is a good time to go through my cosmetic bag (aka, my emergency kit) and make sure I have my go-to’s to battle the sweaty days (no, I do not care for the dewy look, lol). I dumped the bag and, weirdly, I had an abundance of lip products–clearly, I have a habit of buying more when they are definitely not needed (another “problem” to explore at a later date). Anyway, this week, we shall take a look at all things face…skin, lips, and teeth!

Ten different lip products–not including my mini jar of vaseline (a must!) and cocoa butter stick. See…a problem, right?! In general, I do not consider myself a lipstick wearer–I keep trying and failing to make that happen. However, I do love a good neutral lip color–I carry it around and use it is a quick face lift. Even though I carry two lipsticks (and two lip crayons, and two glosses…), my current favorite is Conspiracy from the Urban Decay “Vice” line. It really does work to somehow pull together the droopy lids, dark under-eye circles, not quite combed hair look. Or, maybe that is all in my mind. Ha! Anyway, lipstick does nothing for the heat situation, but I sure like the pretty feeling it brings even if only for a short amount of time. If you are looking for a little bit more pizazz, makeup samples are perfect to carry–I have mini mascara bottles and mini eyeliner pencils. I didn’t even know these were options until recently–they are so cute and little, yet practical!

Then, the absolute must for the oily skin that seems get shinier in the heat…blotting tissues. They work their magic with and without makeup. I love the fact that I can blot and not mess up my foundation (on that seemingly more rare occasion). I have used a variety of tissues over the years, but currently, I carry the Green Tea Blotting Linens by Boscia. For a real refresher, I am going to put some of my honeysuckle water (from Cake Face Soaping!) in a travel spray bottle. I use it in the morning as a toner and I know it will be a great way to freshen my face midday.

So, the teeth. I do like to keep some oral hygiene products on hand. You just never know what may get stuck in your teeth while you are out and about. So, floss is my usual. However, I am working do better with my teeth/gums. What I did not know about pregnancy (on top of all the other not-so-glamorous things) is that it can take a toll on your oral health. After I had my daughter–almost 5 years ago–my dentist immediately changed my hygiene routine to check-ups and cleanings every 3 months, instead of the usual 6. Yup, my dentist is my now my BFF, Lol. More recently, I have been trying Oral Essentials–their toothpaste and mouthwash. I was excited to finally use something natural after going with prescription grade mouthwash for some time (yuck!). In my attempt to do better, I am thinking to get their travel size bottles for some upcoming trips and of course to put in my cosmetic bag.


I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with Cosmetic Bag…Part 2 to share my favorite hair, nails, and other body products. And, to talk more samples!

In the meantime, what are your go-to lip, face (and mouth) products for summer? Be sure to comment below.