A few weeks ago I spoke about the Not-So-Glamorous Side of Pregnancy, but I want to take a minute to turn the spotlight on the perks of pregnancy that really rock your world and hopefully your partner’s as well.

Bodacious Breasts

Breast enlargement is one of the first transformations your body will experience. During the first trimester, your breasts can take on a life of their own. Yes, they are tender to the touch, but they are nice on the eyes if you like that sort of thing. Some of my clients admit to having more confidence when they see their new assets.  And sure the desire to have larger breasts often comes across as shallow and vain, especially in the media; but hey you got bigger breasts and you didn’t have to pay for them.  I don’t mind. And let’s be honest, who really cares how you got them.

Increased Libido

Many pregnant moms report wanting more sex during pregnancy than before they became pregnant. The big bad pregnancy hormones that wreak so much havoc on your body actually have perks. An increase in hormones during the first and second trimesters may cause some women to feel aroused more often. And guess what, that’s okay. Sex is totally fine during every trimester. The vaginal area still needs to be stimulated. Being pregnant doesn’t mean we neglect our sensual needs. I have heard stories of pregnant mamas masturbating multiple times a day. However, you should check with your health care provider because there are a couple of conditions that require you to refrain from over-stimulating that area.

Long, Luscious Locks

The blood volume in your body increases exponentially during pregnancy. This means there is more estrogen-laced blood flowing to your scalp. You are also consuming more water which can also help hair growth as well. Your hair is stuck in the growth phase for virtually 9 months. Some of my clients, including myself, have noticed longer and fuller hair. Unfortunately, increased hair growth is not limited to the scalp. The bikini area, armpits, and legs, among other places, get their fair share of hair follicles as well.

Tantalizing Talons

Several women also experience longer, stronger nails during pregnancy. Remember that increase in blood flow, it’s also responsible for your nails. You can also attribute your nails to taking prenatal vitamins and again drinking more water. Regularly treat yourself to a spa day. Enjoy a glass of sparkling water, a plush massage chair and leave your hands and feet to the professionals. You deserve it.

Turning Heads

The attention you receive during pregnancy can be surprising, overwhelming and sometimes a little creepy. I think we have all experienced that one person that wants to rub our belly but what they don’t realize is that they are actually touching our uterus. However, I recall hearing more pick-up lines while I was pregnant. The pregnancy glow is a real thing although there are various opinions about what causes it. Your hair, body, and mood are truly on fleek.  Let’s be honest, pregnant women are sexy. Embrace your new curves and flaunt them even if it is only for you. Just make sure to prop your feet up when you kick off those heels.

I would love to hear what you enjoyed most about your pregnancy.