My first memory of being suspicious of vaccines occurred when I was in the Navy on a ship headed to a southeast Asian country.  We were told we had to get immunized against smallpox even though there didn’t seem to be much of a threat anymore.  This wasn’t your average get-a-shot-and-have-a-sore-arm experience either.  It was more like get a shot and let it get all gross for a few days.  Mind you, don’t get it wet, and don’t rub your eyes or you’d be sorry.  Well, one guy, most have missed the information session because I saw him sitting in the infirmary with a red, swollen-shut eye the size of those giant bouncy balls kids like.  Ouch!


We were given all kinds of information and justifications for needing the shot like it was our choice, but if we didn’t, we couldn’t go into that particular country.  Nobody wanted to be the one to say no and cause the command all kinds of inconvenience.  So it was put up, or shut up basically.  At that moment I knew my body did not belong to me, but the United States government.


That’s how it feels with child vaccines too.  I’ve never experienced it, but I’ve heard stories of mothers wanting to wait to vaccinate their newborns only to have the doctor bully them into complying right away.  As the baby ages and well-child visits come up, it’s “get the shots, or leave my practice.”(At least for some doctors, not all.)  Why does it have to be that way?  Why is it not ok to learn more about the risks and want to take precautions to mitigate them?  We do this for everything else in life.


It is even taboo to talk about in some mom circles.  People get really defensive of their position whether it be pro- or anti-vaccine.  Everyone should have a right to do what’s best for their children and not be shamed for it.  I had the opportunity to check out the beginning of a 7-part docu-series called The Truth About Vaccines produced by the same team that brought us The Truth About Cancer (which I have not seen, but have heard it is excellent).  This series promised to weigh the benefits and risks of vaccinations in an unbiased way, based on scientific data.  I was excited to learn more and find out if my suspicions are valid or not necessary.  The truth was even scarier than I imagined.  I had several jaw-dropping, hand-over-mouth moments of shock and anger.  Here are a few facts I learned that I think every parent should know.


– The medical school curriculum only has one course that covers immunizations, and it does not teach doctors the most important things they need to know like what the ingredients are.  More time is spent on how to administer the shots and how to deal with parents who are hesitant.  By watching this documentary, you would probably know more about vaccines than most doctors.  (Nothing against them by the way.  Most have the best intentions for our children like we do).


– Speaking of ingredients, the vaccines contain known neurotoxins, in small doses nonetheless, such as heavy metals (aluminum and thimerosal, an ethyl mercury).  There is also polysorbate 80, a surfactant and emulsifier found in cleaners, and glyphosate (which is Roundup, a herbicide made by Monsanto).


– It was stated by one of the doctors interviewed that studies are showing that the earlier the exposure of children to thimerosal, the greater the risk for autism.  Currently, the largest amount of thimerosal is in the multi-dose flu shot, which the CDC recommends be given to pregnant women, exposing infants before they are even born.  It is noted in the manufacturer’s package insert for the vaccine that it has never been tested on pregnant women.


– There have been doctors and CDC officials who admitted off the record that they do not follow the vaccine schedule either at all or by some modification for their own children.  However, they will not publicly share this information nor the truth about what they know of vaccines for fear of losing their jobs and inciting public chaos.


– Our bodies are made to self-immunize for life for certain diseases.  The corresponding vaccines for these same diseases can only last so long and require multiple boosters.  Getting infected by viruses, such as the measles, has been shown to actually build up the immune system to fight against cancer later in life.


If these few facts have intrigued you to learn more, I recommend watching the last two of the seven episodes while they remain free to view.  The 6th episode goes away at 8 pm EST tonight, and the final one airs live at 9 pm EST until tomorrow evening.  Click here to see it now.


The facts I shared are paraphrased quotes I pulled from the videos.  I am not a doctor, nor have I verified the statements beyond noting there existing research studies to back them up.  Please watch and judge for yourself.  My goal in writing this is just to make parents aware that there is more information out there about vaccines than we are being told in the doctors’ offices or on the pamphlets they hand out from the CDC.  Do your due diligence to be informed about the various options for safely vaccinating or not, and make the best decision for your family.