Hey y’all! I’m Jenn, of Jenn Tate photography, and I would like to share a little bit about myself. I’ve been married to my hubby for over a decade (literally married as teenagers in 2006). As of 2013, we began our journey to adopt our son from Ethiopia, however, the 18 month-ish wait for him was held up even more due to new laws, more restrictions and one adoption suspension after the next. We soon realized that our plan for him to be our first child may not work out because the wait was now up to 5 years. So, we found ourselves discussing biological children. In that conversation, we both realized we were unhappy with our career choices and decided to wait on kids for one more year. In 2014, I left my insurance sales job, hopped on a plane to San Francisco for a 3-month photography internship, while my husband stayed home to go back to college and hold down the fort.  My time in California was amazing! I came back with extraordinary growth both personally and professionally. Fast forward to the present; while we are still waiting on a referral for our adoption, we are now parents of an awesome little girl, named Charlie Reese. I am incredibly blessed to have a career that ignites my creativity, allows me to meet beautiful people, all while spending most of my days chasing after our daughter, teaching her, and watching her discover the world around her. Being a mom has really taught me to slow down, to watch for moments of magic and to be engaged with my environment. I’m noticing how these lessons are being translated into my art along with my love of symmetry and color.  Isn’t it funny how these little humans can be such huge inspirations?!?


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