Today I am sharing some of the things that aren’t actually in the bag I carry but my various shopping bags! This week it’s all about DIY! I can admit that I am a Pinterest lover–so I spend a ridiculous amount of time pinning and storing away all of these little tricks and quick fixes for pretty much everything. Summer is my time to put some of my pinning to good use.

At the beginning of my summer vacation, I look around the house and plan an abundance of projects. Somehow everything at that moment needs to be moved, spruced up or changed. So after creating a list of possible projects and scouring my pins–I decide which projects will give me the most bang for my buck. Fifty dollars is my budget. That’s it. This year I settled on mini makeovers for our living room and dining areas. I bought a couple of new plants, refreshed an old pot and added some organizing accessories to our chalkboard wall. Here are the details!

Living Room Life!

I love plants but I don’t have a green thumb, so low-maintenance houseplants are my way to go. After my daughter managed to break our old one, I had to find something new and inexpensive. The majesty palm is perfect–for around $15, it’s a great option. I also tossed in a small golden pothos and white pot for contrast (less than $10 total); I grabbed a small end table that was not being put to use, to vary the heights of the plants and that corner of the room came to life–well, sort of. The old gray pot from the old plant was drab. From another Pinterest idea, I decided to wrap the pot with rope to give it a new texture and tie in the wood and other natural elements from around the room. I ordered a couple of 100ft sisal rope packages for about $9 each. Using a hot glue gun, I had a brand new pot in no time. I even had a handful of rope left to make this cute rope ball and a nice accent for the bookshelf!


















Organized Chaos!

During my Pinterest quest, I stumbled on a brilliant idea to keep the grocery needs simple and organized: place a pre-printed list on the refrigerator and highlight the items you need. Of course that is just genius. Saves so much time and eliminates the hassle of taking a random piece of paper from the kids and/or scribbling a list before running out the door. However, I have a stainless steel fridge and just a little bit of magnetic surface on the side. The adjacent wall is our chalkboard wall (a really cheap summer DIY from a few years ago) and the perfect place to hold the grocery list. I thought through the clipboard idea and wasn’t really feeling the look of a clipboard–without having to paint it and I didn’t have much money left to spend. I was already at about $45 just for the living room makeover! Search after search, I found these beautiful metal clips (literally, just the clip that would go on a clipboard)–4 of them (2, 2 packs) for less than $5!! Such a win! I screwed them in place and printed out a free printable grocery list. My next task is to make a version of the grocery list that better suits our family needs. I can now use the extra clips for invites, important reminders and some of the kid’s art!










Have you dabbled in any recent DIY projects? How do you DIY on a budget? Please share!